Album Review: Bloods – Feelings

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Release Date: 17th of August, 2018

Feelings‘ is the sophomore album from Sydney four-piece Bloods. The record follows a stretch of singles released over the last two years, and shares its announcement with the release of a music video for the title track.

Much like the record title indicates, ‘Feelings‘ is full of just that: feelings. However, it’s not the only thing the album comes packed with. Infectious melodies and hooks, beautiful harmonies, arrays of instrumentation, and a multitude of styles that keep your ears peeled for what’s next.

There is an obvious development from the garage-punk roots of their debut album. Although, a distinct essence of their previous sound sticks with the distorted tones decorated throughout the tracks. Bloods show an impressive amount of variation in their influences while remaining true to the themes and emotions that are consistent during the record.

Backing vocals and instrumental intricacies provide a very organised method of beefing up the tracks without becoming overwhelming. They help to ensure there isn’t a single dull moment. Each track has its own standout without becoming an outlier in the grander scheme.

Final Verdict

Feelings‘ is packed to the rafters with a number of elements and styles. A surefire success in the hearts of anyone who can relate to the emotional tales told throughout.

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Feelings‘ releases on the 17th of August, being released via Share It Music and distributed worldwide through Sub Pop. Be sure to check it out!

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