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FERLA continue to deliver on their distinctive after-dark pop. Turning the personal into the confessional into the communal, FERLA combine the moments of late-night flirtation and morning-after revelation and distil it into their own sultry mess.

Recorded by Rohan Sforcina (Dune Rats, Oh Mercy, Gold Class) at Broadmeadows studio 400 Acres, FERLA’s newest offering ‘The Human Heart’ is an upbeat sad-banger full of their characteristic pathos and lush synth-warble.

“‘The Human Heart’ is a relationship condensed into the meeting and the falling apart. How do you condense an entire relationship, with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies and depth, into a song that goes for three-and-a-half minutes? You can’t, but I tried anyway. ‘The Human Heart’ is a celebration of the artlessness of love, the fun and stupidity of it. The heart is incomprehensible. More songs should be written about it.” says vocalist and songwriter Giuliano Ferla.

The video for ‘The Human Heart’, shot by Chris Matthews at Defero Productions (Gold Class, The Drones, TFS) was filmed ad-lib when the band were rained out of the outdoor locations they had planned for the shoot. With no plan B in place, they took refuge in a dilapidated and semi-demolished Carringbush Hotel in Collingwood. Armed only with their charisma, their instruments and their love for each other, they turned out a video that truly encapsulates their charm. Watch it here.

Giuliano Ferla has been writing, playing and releasing music for the past 15 years and is known for his work with Twin Beasts (formerly The Toot Toot Toots). After the end of Twin Beasts, with whom he had released two albums, toured Australia extensively and played slots at Meredith Music Festival, Queenscliff and more, Giuliano focused his musical energy into self-producing the slow-burn pop bangers that have marked FERLA’s music so far. With bandmates, Steve Gavan (formerly Twin Beasts) on bass, Kate Monger (The Harlots) on keys and Chris Drane (Cherrywood/Tankerville) on drums, FERLA have supported Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Cash Savage And The Last Drinks, Totally Mild, Jess Ribeiro, The Bennies and Gabriella Cohen. FERLA celebrate the release of ‘The Human Heart’ with a headline show at The Grace Darling on Friday the 14th of September.

In celebration of this track’s release and upcoming show, I was fortunate enough to ask Giuliano of FERLA some questions.

Hey! Thank you for taking some time to answer some questions. How has everything been?

Pleasure. Things have been good.

FERLA is a reasonably new band, what brought you all together?

Steve and I used to play in a band together called The Toot Toot Toots. Kate and Chris are babes. I wanted a band of babes so I anointed them all babes and invited them to play in the band. We try to be patient and kind and encouraging with each other, because all babes deserve good treatment.

Your style has been described as ‘after-dark pop’, what have been some of the influences that have contributed to this sound?

Heaps. I think it all started when I tried to write music that was both as sexy and as naff as Hall & Oates. I love Hall & Oates. I also keep on returning to Leonard Bernstein and his music and lectures. Lenny is king.

Your new single, ‘The Human Heart’, is a lovely amalgamation of feelings, grooves and sounds.

I’m glad you think so.

Was it hard trying to condense everything into a song format?

Writing songs is both easy and hard, but that’s a big question that will take a long time to talk about. This song in particular was not particularly hard, but it was fun to write. I tried to get to the heart of the matter and maybe say something honest about relationships. I hope I did.

The music video that accompanies the track ended up being filmed ad-lib. Did you still capture most of the original ideas for the music video or did you require a complete improvisation?

It was mostly improvised. I think the clip captured us being pretty charming.

Any ambitions for more music this year?


Any tips for aspiring musicians?

One time I got to see a live interview with Nick Cave. It was in Ubud, Bali, with a small audience of about 40 people. He gave a Q&A at the end of the interview and twenty-six year old me stuck my hand up and asked this very question. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “Lower your expectations. Next question.” I shrunk down into my seat and died of embarrassment.

Thanks so much to FERLA and Alyse from Little Giant Agency. You can catch FERLA at their single launch show in mid September.
Single Cover.jpg
Friday 14 September – The Grace Darling

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