Q&A – Caged Existence – New EP

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Caged Existence are relatively new on the block. Bursting onto the scene earlier this year with their debut single ‘Demonized’.

Recently, they announced the release of their debut EP, titled ‘The Body Prison’. Releasing on the 25th of May, the five songs feature mixing, mastering and vocal tracking by Christopher Vernon, as well as guitar tracking from Paul Hammond and drum tracking by Declan White.


Alongside this announcement, I had the chance to ask the band’s guitarist, Paul, some questions about who they are, what they’ve experienced in their youth as a group and what we should expect from them.

Hey! Cheers for taking some time to answer questions. How is everything going?

Not bad man, just gearing up for a few big shows we have coming up in June which we are real excited about and also the release of our debut EP.

Who is Caged Existence? How would you describe yourselves?

Caged Existence consists of Steffanie on Vocals, Jake on drums, Angelyn on bass and Will and myself (Paul) on guitars, if we needed to break it down into genre we are all big fans of that 90s metallic hardcore sound, along with that taking influence from bands such as Foundation, Heavens Die and Code Orange.

The band itself is relatively new, popping up early into 2018. What brought everyone together?

Most of us have been friends for a while, I have briefly played in a band with Jake the drummer before and the situation just came about that we were all keen on getting the band started, the idea originated with Steff, Jake and Angelyn but then I came on board with Will rounding out the lineup late last year.

You’ve had the chance to play alongside some pretty neat bands already. Which shows have been your favourite and which are you looking forward to?

I have been absolutely blown away by the opportunities and shows we have been a part of so far, it’s hard to pick a favourite show so far but the crowd at our Wrangler show with Unravel/Ill Natured was incredible, as well as the opportunity to play alongside Endless Heights who are absolutely killing it around the world at the moment has been great.

Coming up we have a show with Antagonist AD which I am really keen for with Imprisoned, Dregg and Cast Down on June 8th and playing the Crowned Kings Album launch 23rd June which will both be huge shows.

Your EP ‘The Body Prison’ releases on Friday the 25th of May. What can we expect?

We had another single launch on the 4th of May and then the rest of our EP will drop on May 25th both digitally and on 7 inch vinyl, I would say to expect riffs and breakdowns, we are really happy with how the whole EP turned out and are really excited for everyone to hear it.

What, do you feel, is most important about the music you’re releasing?

We release music for the fun of it, basically writing and performing music that we all enjoy because at the end of the day that what will keep us going. Music can often be an outlet, when performing it is a way that we (and people in the crowd) can escape our day to day stress, a time to zone out from any responsibilities, any drama, any issues we may be faced with. That is the most important thing.

Any tips for aspiring musicians?

Practice your craft, take influence from those who inspire you and have fun with it.

Thank you to Paul from Caged Existence for taking some time out to swing me some answers. Be sure to give their EP ‘The Body Prison’ a listen as it releases on the 25th of May!

Catch them live in the near future as they play the following shows:

Friday June 8th – Bendigo Hotel – Supporting Antagonist AD
Saturday June 23rd – Bendigo Hotel – Supporting Crowned Kings

Follow the band on Facebook to keep up to date with them, pre-order merch from their bigcartel, and check out their Bandcamp!

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