Album Review: Turnstile – Time & Space

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Release Date: 23rd of February, 2018

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TL;DR: Time & Space‘ is a collection of great, powerful songs. Some very brief experimentation is evident on the longer tracks which I would have liked to see explored more.

Time & Space‘ is the latest release from Baltimore hardcore band Turnstile. This album is the follow up to 2015’s debut ‘Nonstop Feeling‘ and addition to three EPs.

In true punk fashion, Time & Space clocks in at twenty five minutes. Opening with the hard-hitting Real Thing (video below), Turnstile waste no time showing their musical prowess. The guitar tones are great, the drums are punchy and the harsh vocals mesh perfectly – this is consistent throughout the project.

Following the jam-packed Big Smile we are treated to the record’s longest track, Generator, clocking in at just over three minutes long. The riff is heavy and the drum phrasings are impactful. We get a well transitioned switch-up towards the back end of the track, which I wish was a little more explored. Nonetheless, a really enjoyable track.

I love the vocal performances throughout the project. They’re slightly varied but consistently projecting the tone of each song. The effects mix perfectly with the instrumentals and are really a standpoint in majority of the tracks.

High Pressure experiments with a few small things that aren’t necessarily expressed much throughout the rest of the songs up to this point. I enjoy that they aren’t so heavily leaned on and used just as a little bit of flavour. However, much like the conclusion to Generator, I really would have liked to see these ideas explored a little more heavily.

Psychedelic influences kick off the track Can’t Get Away, creeping into one of the best riffs of the album. Another highlight of the vocal performances can be found here too. Personal favourite for me here.

One thing about this record is that the longer tracks definitely feel more experimental. The shorter tracks are, by nature, much more to-the-point. Although, they don’t really offer the same level of progression as the longer songs such as Generator and Can’t Get Away. The interlude tracks confuse me a little bit as it feels like they aren’t significant in how they impact the following track.

Final Verdict

Overall, the album is pretty tight and each track performs what it was set out to do. The shorter songs are powerful and fast-paced, whereas the longer tracks are more spacey with more intricacies layered into them. I can’t fault most of the songs individually, although personally I would have liked to see the band branch out a little more with the experimentation that decorates some of the tracks.

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