Q&A: Press Club – New Single and Album

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Self-described as “frenetic and raw”, Press Club are a four piece group from Brunswick, Melbourne. They burst onto the scene in early 2017 and instantly captivated punters with their energetic punk-rock bangers and hard-working attitude.

They’ve supported some pretty neat bands so far, including: Joyce Manor (the gig at which I first discovered the band), DZ Deathrays (listen to Bloody Lovely, it’s bloody lovely (kill me)) and Grenadiers. They played a handful of festivals towards the end of 2017, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down any time soon.

Today they released their third single for the absolute anthem Suburbia and announced their debut album, ‘Late Teens’. In conjunction with that, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to talk to bassist Iain and ask a few questions following my expression of interest for new music this year.

Press Club Late Teens

Released March 16th, 2018

Listen to the new track and then get stuck into some Qs! Hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two about one of the most ambitious bands to come out of Melbourne as of late.

Who is Press Club?

We’re a group of mates from Brunswick who like writing as much music and playing as many shows as humanly possible.

A lot of energy comes out in your performances. Do you prepare for this before each show or does it come out naturally?

Nah, there’s really no pre-game. Often we’ll only get to a venue an hour or so before we’re supposed to hit the stage so we usually just get stuck into the rider and talk shit.

What are the biggest pros and cons of playing so many shows so early into the band’s existence?

The only con I can think of is the toll it takes on us time-wise. We aren’t full time rock and rollers who can just make a quid playing music. We all still work our fingers to the bone at libraries and pubs etc. and taking heaps of days off to play shows in the sticks isn’t the best for the pay packet. Also it takes a bit of the focus off writing new songs, that’s a bummer.

Everythin’ else is a pro. Getting in front of heaps of fresh heads, meeting people, covering ground and seeing new joints is the best. I think it helped us find our feet too. Kind of a trial by fire.

Which group has been your favourite to play alongside so far?

Recently I really dug A. Swayze & the Ghosts. Loved their show and their songs, big time.

(Psst! You can check out A. Swayze & the Ghosts on Spotify; may as well follow their Facebook while you’re at it!)

Was your first major release always planned to be an album, or was this something that came about after writing so much music?

We were hoping it would be. We set out to write 50 songs before we started playing live, then figured we’d weed out the shit ones and polish the good ones up. I’m pretty sure we got up to 39 or 40 songs at the end of the writing sessions and were happy to fine tune 15 of them. Thankfully we had enough for an LP.

When are you coming back to play in Geelong? I promise to bring all four of my friends.

Won’t be too long, it’s so close. I’ll be there to soak up the cosmopolitain atmosphere and sights of my beloved Ryrie Street next week.

Any tips for aspiring musicians?

Keep playing until your fingers bleed. Go to every show you can. Meet all the other musos you can. Play all the shit gigs you get and don’t get put off.

Huge thanks to Iain, Press Club and Danae for this opportunity. The band will play their first headline show of 2018 in mid-March (and third overall), alongside aforementioned A. Swayze & the Ghosts and Public High – the night before jetting off for an impressive 28 show run around Australia with The Smith Street Band. You won’t want to miss them!

You can snag tickets for their headliner here, and their shows with The Smith Street Band at their website here. You can also pre-order the new album, ‘Late Teens‘, here.

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Spotify and Instagram to keep up with their shenanigans.

Press Club Poster

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