Song of the Day – 17th of February, 2018

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Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Buzz

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Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are a psychedelic grunge band from Perth, Australia. They’re on a killer run having released a B-Sides compilation, and two fantastic studio albums: ‘High Visceral {Part 1}‘ and ‘High Visceral {Part 2}‘.

Today’s Song of the Day is the first single from ‘High Visceral {Part 2}‘: ‘Buzz‘.

Calm, clean guitars and gentle vocals set the scene for the track, before you’re thrown into a world full of energy. Guitar riffs melt your brain as you’re presented with more emotive vocals which are filtered into the music – making it feel as if they’re just another instrument. The song progresses with interesting instrumental mixes to lower the energy temporarily before throwing you into a whirlpool of heavy guitars and fast drums. If you can listen to this one without bopping your head or attempting to dance along, I am impressed (but mostly disappointed).

Follow the band on Facebook, check out the band’s merch (good luck getting your hands on one of these on vinyl, and if you have their first pressing of HV:{1} please send it my way), and watch the music video for Buzz below!

Yesterday’s Song

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