EP Review: Thornhill – Butterfly

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Release Date: 16th of February, 2018

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TL;DR: A very big step forward in absolutely the right direction from Thornhill. ‘Butterfly‘ combines a number of sounds without them overpowering each other, or seeming incoherent. Incredible vocal performances layered over interesting instrumentals.

Butterfly‘ is the brand new release from five-piece Melbourne band Thornhill – the most recent to be signed to major Australian heavy label UNFD. The follow up to 2016 EP ‘13‘, and 2017 singles ‘Temperer‘ and ‘Limbo‘.

From the get go, you can tell the group have really developed their sound. Sunflower raises the roof with some high vocals and its djenty guitar riffs. Parasite lifts that roof even higher; the deliveries are seriously impressive. Flow between each stage of these songs is smooth. While the vocal contrasts between screams and cleans are well executed.

The release’s single, Reptile, showcases an array of incredible vocal performances. The deep, beefy guitar tones gift the track with a really powerful sound. It’s almost impossible not to nod your head along.

My Design throws a really prog-rock feeling riff at you to begin with, followed by drone-like vocal layering. The pacing on this track is varied; it pulls you in and pushes you out at will. The drawn-out backing vocals sit nicely on the bouncing rhythm as it slows to a close. Immediately after, you get thrown into the heaviest track on the project: Lavender. Aggression is the main theme pushed forward here, which is expressed through fast guitar leads and loud vocals. The classic breakdown is well-welcomed in this track and closes out the song wonderfully.

Butterfly‘ ends with the longest cut of the EP. Beginning slow and calmed, then building its way up with heavy instrumentals, Joy wraps up demandingly through the lyrics – say that you love me.

Final Verdict

Overall, Thornhill have amassed a number of stylistic influences and mixed them in a way that makes it feel that’s the way they were meant to be played. Without a doubt, some of the most impressive recent vocal performances are spread throughout this record. They captivate you and keep you attentive as they move from harsh screams to flawless cleans. A very clear move forward for a young band with a big future ahead of them.

starstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar copystar copy

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