Song of the Day – 13th of February, 2018

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DMA’S – Dawning

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DMA’S are an Australian band who made waves with their debut album Hills End, a release which was abundant with incredible, catchy melodies and likened to Oasis due to its classic Britpop sound.

Today, the band announced their latest single – In The Air – alongside their upcoming album ‘For Now‘. However, today’s Song of the Day is the first single from their new album: ‘Dawning‘.

Released in early October last year, Dawning was the first song we’ve heard from DMA’S since the band’s debut album. The new track remains consistent with the Britpop tones we have come to love; supported by bright and uplifting guitars and strong, distinct vocals and harmonies.

The vibes provided by this song are hopeful and energetic, however there are some dark undertones provided by the lyrics. The production, by Kim Moyes, is well executed with a great balance between the rhythms, the leads and the demanding vocals placed on top.

Follow the band on Facebook, and check out their website if you wish to pre-order the new album. View the song’s video clip below!

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