EP Review: Stuck Out – You Won’t Come Home

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Release Date: 9th of February, 2018

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TL;DR: An overall solid release. Great instrumentals and solid vocal performances.

You Won’t Come Home‘ is the latest release from Melbourne band¬†Stuck Out and first with local label Greyscale Records.

With seventeen minutes filled with emotion and energy, the band has really established their own sound. Stitch, the opener, gives a strong impression on what to expect from the rest of their songs. The two singles (Fade Away and Self Doubt) are staple performances and serve as highlights for the EP; displaying brilliant vocal performances and wonderful song progressions.

The middle of the EP provides a nice shift in sound without being overly dramatic – just enough for you to notice the progression. Weight was such a nice, short track that used all of its time to convey everything it needed to.

Linger, the longest and final track of the record, is a constant play with momentum. The energy builds slowly just to be pulled out from under you, only to build back up again. The emotion is captured perfectly and serves as a nice conclusion for the project.

Final Verdict

Overall, the EP provides a great first impression. There is a lot of great material packed into absolutely every song. I really look forward to seeing where Stuck Out moves from here.

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