Album Review: Hockey Dad – Blend Inn

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Release Date: 9th of February, 2018

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TL;DR: Hockey Dad transitions into their new album very smoothly and provides enough diversity to keep it interesting throughout the entire forty minutes. However, (to nitpick) some more guitar leads alongside the vocals wouldn’t have gone astray.

Blend Inn‘ is the second studio album from Windang pals Hockey Dad. Following up their awesome debut in Boronia, almost a year and a half later, with some very similar vibes and consistently driven songs.

My Stride, the album’s opener delivers what feels like an intermediate song between Boronia and Blend Inn. The song could fit perfectly on either of the albums and sets a good beginning point for the album.

The two singles following – Homely Feeling and I Wanna Be Everybody – kick us into a very grunge-feeling gear. These songs are awesome, filled with fun riffs and awesome melodies, and help to really provide the atmosphere of the album.


Blend Inn is the part of your head that you want to go to when you’re overseas and wishing you were back home, it’s within. We’re always just trying to be comfortable and semi blending in, so it’s the name we gave to that place you zone out to.

Billy Flemming (Source)

This quote is really backed up by the tone and lyrical content of the two singles; great selection of singles, in my opinion.

The middle of Blend Inn really is a mixed bag of goodies. There’s a couple of slower paced songs, and some very typical Hockey Dad songs where the band sounds extremely comfortable. The swapping between these grooves is intriguing and really draws you in as the pace swaps in and out.

Where I Came From serves as a fun little song with some interesting timing and guitar effects we haven’t heard much of. This track provides a nice contrast to the two singles as we move towards the end of the album. The vocal role switch up in the song Sweet Release was a nice feature. Overall, the song has some really positive feelings emitting from it and the simplicity is wonderful.

In a similar fashion to Boronia, we receive a much more mellow track in Eggshells to conclude the album. The vocals are minimal and have a ghostly feeling as they Blend Inn (hah) to the strumming guitar and fade to nothing. This track served as a solid finisher.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, this record has a lot of driving songs where the band sounds their absolute best. This sound isn’t overrun, however, and we do get a few slower and interesting songs. The diversity in the track listing is very appealing. Although, I do miss a lot of the punchy and fun riffs we got on Boronia. If I had to pinpoint one thing, I would have liked to see some more leads worked alongside the vocal deliveries.

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