Album Review: DZ Deathrays – Bloody Lovely

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Release Date: 2nd of February, 2018

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TL;DR: This album shows consistency as well as some diversity, with some really exciting and fun tracks. A couple of songs which could have packed a bit more punch, but overall a really good album.

Bloody Lovely‘ is the third studio album from the Brisbane duo DZ Deathrays, following up 2014’s distorted, riff-heavy Black Rat. Now the distortion has been turned down just a tad but the riffs are still strong.

The album opens with two singles we received during the second half of 2017. Shred for Summer provides the perfect opener and sets a strong movement for the rest of the album. Total Meltdown keeps the momentum going with a solid anthem packed to the brim with goodies: great riffs, a guitar solo, a driving drum beat and a melody anyone can sing along to.

Moving past the singles and further into the album we get a taste of the punchy vocals and heavy guitars that I love before heading straight into one of the more mellow points on the album: Like People (which has the greatest music video ever – see below) and High. This feeling doesn’t last long, however, as we are launched into the second half of the album.

We hit a bit of a lull over the next few tracks. While the songs individually aren’t bad, it just feels like they don’t really offer much we haven’t heard throughout the rest of the album leading up to now.

Back & Forth sounds like it’s going to be a load of fun in the pit. We get another dose of the Ocean Exploder-esque screams which are something I thoroughly enjoy. The opening riff for Afterflow is great, this song is probably my favourite off the album. The slower, yet still punchy, beat sits with me very well.

One of the things I love about this album is the guitar tones. They provide so much atmosphere and sound so full when the music is at its most energetic. Yet are still defined enough to be distinct when layers are removed and the some of the instruments are pulled back. My favourite instance of this is the conclusion of the song High.

The production on the record feels well executed. Everything is a lot more crisp and defined in comparison to their previous project and the clearer vocals really work with this sound. Alongside that, the track lengths all feel justified.

Final Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed this album. There are some awesome riffs, great melodies, consistency, and fun tracks packed into this album. A lot of diversity within the first half of the album which I really liked. However, in my opinion, a few of the middle tracks could have thrown some more curveballs.

Really excited to hear a few of these songs live in May!

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